Online Documentation and Version control using GitHub.
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 18 May to 18 May
|   Available Seats: 100
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Hackchat is a weekly gathering of makers, students and teachers for sharing skills and knowledge Organized and moderated by Steag Center for Smart City Technology.

"it doesn't matter how good you are at something if you can not write good documentation on it", Yes that's true.  Many of us did many projects, but very few of them were documented in a good manner. Ability to effectively and efficiently document your work is an important attribute for career growth.  

Sharing is Caring, The other an important reason to document your work is that somebody else can carry on from the stage where you left the project. Since the Maker community is fuelled by the spirit of sharing, it makes sense that you publish your work and for this documentation is important. 



  • Understand the importance of documentation.
  • Understand Git and Github versions control systems.
  • Build a personal website of your own and host it on GitHub for free.
  • Github students pack  
  • Online Opportunites as a maker and it's benefits.
  • Going further. 

Google Meet Link : https://meet.google.com/mtc-wqzh-omo